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A Dover Chinese restaurant was temporarily closed by the health department after an official found baby and adult roaches "dead and alive" throughout the business.

Contaminated utensils were "being stored for use i tables," the report said. Raw food is usually kept on lower shelves to prevent drips from affecting other food. The inspector found that there weren't any date markings on items chinese in dover de the walk-in refrigerator and fly strips were found over a sink.

chinese in dover de Items in the cold storage units were not covered. They needed to be covered to prevent chinesd contamination, the report said. Surfaces throughout the restaurant were not clean and bowls were being used as "scoops," the official wrote. The waste and dumpster area was also not maintained, the report said.

Since the state labeled the restaurant a "high risk" instead of a "medium risk," the chinese in dover de will be inspected every three to four months until it has two inspections back-to-back that have zero violations. Inspectors follow up on complaints.